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Blessing Boxes Holiday Fundraiser

Hello Brothers-

This year for our Holiday Charity event we are going to help out with the Columbus Blessing Boxes project. This is a cabinet like donation center where items are donated and families in need can come take what they want or need. Their website is below:

Here is the plan:

(We WILL NEED volunteers to help with this event as well, Contact Mark Pitstick to sign up)

* Donation Collection: Starting now through December 17th we will be accepting donations of either items that are needed for the boxes or monetary donations at the link below.

* Purchase Goods: December 15 – 18 we need to purchase items (food and other essentials) to stock the boxes

o Need at least 4-5 brothers to volunteer

o Divide the donations up to the volunteers

o See below for guidelines on items to purchase

***Item donation guidelines from the website:***

1. Please be mindful that the items may stay in the box for a period of time. Best not to leave things that will go bad in the heat or cold.

2. This is not a place for expired food. If you wouldn't use it yourself, don't leave it in the box.

3. Handwritten notes spreading our message of kindness to our neighbors are encouraged, and a great way to get kids involved too! Maybe we could print stickers to put on each item saying Merry Christmas from the Central Ohio Sigma Chi Alumni Association?

4. No clothing or books. While we think both would be appreciated, most of the boxes are not big enough to accommodate larger items.

5. Toiletries and baby care items are welcome, such as diapers, band-aids, soap, toothbrushes, etc.

6. School supplies and pet food are also welcome!

* Deliver Goods: December 19 – 24 we go to the boxes around Columbus and stock up as many boxes as we can

o Need at least 4-5 brothers to volunteer

o Can be the same volunteers as the ones who purchase the items or we can match up purchaser to deliverer if volunteers can’t do both

o Volunteer selects an area of town to deliver and we keep track so we avoid overlap (see link to website which shows the location of the boxes in Central Ohio)

o Stock 3-5 boxes and take some pictures for social media

We are hopeful for a good amount of items to be donated and/or money donated so we can help out the families in need this holiday season. We want to thank all of you for your help in this effort and want to wish you and your families a great holiday season.

Happy Holidays—In Hoc

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