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Two Local Families Need Some Strong Arms Around Them

PLEASE READ AND HELP...This year has been a tough year for all of us, but it’s been especially tough on those who aren’t able to work from home and those who have young children and don’t have available child care options due to COVID-19.

Every year The Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter raises money for others who are less fortunate than us. This year, our project is even more important, given what we have gone though this year. This year we are raising money for the following two families that really need our help:

· There is a family of 5 in Delaware (Ohio) who usually struggles to make ends meet, but has found 2020 to be especially challenging.

The wife is the primary wage earner and is employed full-time as an aide to disabled individuals. Due to the cost of child care, the father is currently staying at home with the kids (unable to make enough money to offset the cost of child care). Can you imagine trying to support a whole family with one minimum wage salary?

· The second family that we have become aware of that we want to help is a single mother who has a five year old son. They live in the Hilltop area (just west of Downtown Columbus).

Due to circumstances related to COVID, they have been thrust into a very tough corner - without a job or an adequate place to live. They don’t have a working car, they are living in a house without the usual essentials and don’t even have working heat!

People who personally know both of these families echo a very similar sentiment about both - They are hardworking, fantastic people, who don’t expect anyone to help them. They don’t ask for help but deserve a break and are really appreciative when others lend a helping hand. They are people who deserve our help and will appreciate it greatly. For both families, we are raising money to improve their living conditions, help them catch up on bills and provide gifts and food to make it a more special Christmas.

We have had an offer from a private donor (not someone in our Sigma Chi group) that has pledged to donate $3,000 if we can raise $3,000, which will give us $6,000! If we raise more money than is needed, any additional funds will be used to help a few other families that have similar stories and to provide food in the New Year for other underprivileged families.

We have already received donations ranging from $25 - $300. Please consider helping us make a difference by donating here:

Please also help by promoting this drive on social media - we accept donations from anyone. We have gotten donations from friends, relatives and even from alumni of other fraternities!

If you would like more information about these families or more specifics about what will be done with your donations, please contact Michael Davis at 614-551-1493.

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