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The Central Ohio Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter
- A Lifelong Committment


Our alumni chapter serves ANY and ALL alumni who live in or are visiting the Columbus area, regardless of what undergraduate chapter that they attended.  At our events, you will find brothers who attended various chapters, all over the country. Occasionally, we will even have a brother come to an event who is in from out of town (on business).  Those of us who regularly attend events really value the true friendships that we have forged, through the alumni chapter, with brothers that we didn't know in college and wouldn't have known otherwise.       


We have been working to build the Central Ohio Alumni Chapter for the last 22 years and consistently try different programs in order to reach more alumni of various ages.  We welcome any event ideas that you think might resonate with Sigs who live in the area and are happy to try new ideas, in an effort to draw in more alumni involvement.  Regardless, we encourage you to get involved, even if just by simply attending our events.  


The purpose of the alumni chapter is not really to promote Sigma Chi as a life-long commitment, but more to be the conduit for local alumni feeling a deeper connection to Sigma Chi.  Just as our fraternity strives to promote friendship, justice, and learning as the exemplification of our brotherhood and inspires a lifelong commitment to serve our families, friends, and the communities in which we live and work - so is the goal of the Central Ohio Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter. If you are interested in community involvement, undergraduate involvement, philanthropic service, personal and professional development or social interaction, we hope you will join us!  


"You find it here!"


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